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Sound of ATS Speed Drive 2-speed

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Re: Sound of ATS Speed Drive 2-speed

Postby Blackstridaaustria on Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:14 pm doubt, the solution would be easy, either ask Bikegang (as far as I know is their connection to ATS pretty good) or just take a look inside via the lubcrication bolt.

ATS themselves linked at their page to the original Schlumpf drive manual;
I'd recommend also to refer to this, much more detailed, real workbench manual.
Here's an alternative link: / Speed Drive manual engl.pdf

Mentioned "ATS maintenance" document was found here / ATS Speed Drive maintenance manual.pdf
but sadly nowhere the other two :|
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Re: Sound of ATS Speed Drive 2-speed

Postby petrescu on Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:06 am

Thank you very much for the pointers.

For information, I still have to find time to make the replacement. The current ATS makes noise only when in low gear (no multiplication). In high hear (multiplication) there is almost no noise. So I can still live with it for a few weeks.

For information, this is the pdf with the pages that came in the box. It includes English and Asian language. ... 5VBelakguP
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