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Rear hinge – finally the sad truth

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Re: Rear hinge – finally the sad truth

Postby Blackstridaaustria on Wed Apr 14, 2021 8:00 am

Hello SmallStrideBigLeap,

welcome at Stridaforum! :D

SmallStrideBigLeap that the spring has dug into the tube it is no longer overcompressed?

Truly possible, just unfortunately it could be now still overcompressed or already far below correct tension - nobody can tell.
(Consider also that the spring was anyway damaged by the earlier overcompressing - and the groove will also wear out more and more over time.)
I'd say that the rear joint is right now in an undefined condition.

SmallStrideBigLeap wrote:...Does that mean the problem took care of itself...

A faulty rear joint will not be able to rapair itself - I'm sure about that.
BUT - the degree of faultiness can be very different from one bike to the other, some joints work flawlessly for years and others just for months.

SmallStrideBigLeap wrote:...or do I need to do something more?

As long as you do not experience any other issues I can see no reason to act.
That's creaking noises at the beginning, further on loss of stability, twisted or crawling belts and later even broken 274 bolts at the locking latch.
For now, I'd recommend just to keep an eye on your bike and it's reactions.

...and finally, there is one question for you:
For which reason did you disassemble the rear joint??
(DID you experience creaking?)


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